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Bossinger Photography bio picture

What about Bob??

Well, my name is Robert Bossinger. I have been a photographer for over 10 years. When it comes to my photography I let it speak for itself.

I have been asked what kind of photography I specialize in? I photograph life. I shoot landscapes, still life, weddings, portraits, babies, mommies to be, couples,boudior, models, children, families, events, product placement......

I have owned and ran 2 studios in different locations. I now have a very small home studio but prefer to do location shoots. I offer all digital packages so that you can get the best for your money.

I thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by and I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you are looking for anything specific just look under the catagory drop down menu or type it in the search back at the top of this page.


Julie and Dakota

Sometimes there are things in our lives that make us sit back and reflect. Seeing the years melt away right before our eyes. During my trip to Bald Eagle this year I had the pleasure of stopping up at my hometown and meeting up with my cousin and her son. I have been out of touch so long that this was the first I got to me Dakota. After taking so great pictures and find a unbelievable location (thank you Julie) We went on our way. I have to say I was not just stunned but proud of my cousin…. She does not just have a great son, she has done an amazing job of raising him.


BAB_9339 BAB_9348 BAB_9354 2 BAB_9365a 2 BAB_9378 2 BAB_9405 BAB_9423 2 BAB_9447 BAB_9476 BAB_9488

Aria’s 8 month

and she brought her sister and parents with :)


BAB_3373 2 BAB_3361 BAB_3405 BAB_3424 BAB_3489 BAB_3494 2 BAB_3494a

Amber and Taylor’s wedding day.

The lil man is back….

And mom and dad too! I love shooting christmas pics at peoples home sin front of trees… it always just seems right. BAB_4291 BAB_4296 BAB_4322 BAB_4333 BAB_4362 BAB_4380 2

Heather is back with more…..

That is right, Heather came back with all new family member…. and what a family. Not to mention meeting an old friend from school I have not seen for awhile. What a small world. Amazingly enough it was not cold out at all…. lol


BAB_1761 BAB_1762 BAB_1766 BAB_1779 2 BAB_1791 BAB_1797 BAB_1813 2

Holly and family

Yuppers my lil sister and dave and the kids came over for their annual christmas pics. This lil fellow here is the first newborn I ever photographed. And he is getting cheesier by the day.


BAB_0008 BAB_9816 BAB_9880 2 BAB_9890 BAB_9911 2 BAB_9941 BAB_9958 2 BAB_9958 BAB_9994 BAB_9999 2

Heather and family

I am pretty sure every time we get together it is just gonna be cold out. but cold or not these guys always do amazing!!!BAB_1218



BAB_1345 2


BAB_1377 2

BAB_1392 2


Adam and Jamie’s E-session

I say I will go anywhere for an E-session and we did… all over front st. in harrisburg and we had a blast and these 2 are amazing and just perfect together!BAB_1462 BAB_1470 BAB_1493 BAB_1496 BAB_1510 2 BAB_1513 BAB_1519 BAB_1523 BAB_1538 BAB_1548 2 BAB_1567 BAB_1579 BAB_1588 BAB_1589 BAB_1598 BAB_1652 BAB_1670a 2 BAB_1674 2

Sabrina ’14

That is right I traveled to New Hampshire to take pictures of this beautiful lil girl….. ok maybe not so little anymore. I want to go back it is an amazing place to shoot. A who weekend of friends, family and fun!


BAB_6658 BAB_6682 BAB_6692 BAB_6725 BAB_6733 BAB_6742 BAB_6755 BAB_6765 BAB_6768 BAB_6770 BAB_6828 BAB_6836 BAB_6842 BAB_6867 BAB_6872 BAB_6879 BAB_6888

Kelsey ’14

One amazing girl! So much energy and so much fun to shoot. It was one pretty evening so everything just feel together perfectly.


BAB_7423 2 BAB_7407 BAB_7400 BAB_7391 2 BAB_7319 BAB_7284 BAB_7262 2 BAB_7206 BAB_7194